Monday, 13 August 2007

starting, with trepidation.

I took this beautiful yarn mentioned here over to Mag's, because once I remembered I had it I really really wanted to use it, and I needed some advice.

I used her yarn winder to ball it up, and had a minor drama when it kept breaking. I think a moth had been chewing on it! Hence the million balls in the photo. But since there is nearly 1km of it, I think the larger balls should be enough to work with. (I'm also thinking I should re-consider my stash storage. Maybe zip-loc bags, or maybe I should investigate some kind of natural moth-repellent).

The guru's advice was to double the wool and do another so-called. I really wanted to do something lacy with it though, as a replacement for Mum's magenta lacy scarf which I will not be able to borrow in France. So I'm ignoring her at my peril. She thinks that it will drive me mad and I will give up, and she may yet be right. But sometimes it's good to find these things out for yourself.

I'm trying this Feather and Fan Stitch/Old Shale (which apparently my Nanna made me a cardi out of when I was a baby) on teeny weeny 2.25mm needles. The pattern's really pretty simple (and has built in wavy edges) so I'm hoping it will be ok:

Row 1: knit
Row 2: pearl
Row 3: 3(k2tog), 6(yo, k1), 3(k2tog)
Row 4: knit

(Excuse my random Year 10 maths logic pattern describing. Not to mention the gymnastics photo.)

This is the teeny swatch I knitted. I've since frogged it, and cast on again 6 repeats of the thing, which is turning out quite wide, but I think it will be ok since it's such light wool. If it works out, I was thinking of maybe just having some wide plain sections in between the fan pattern. If it really is goes well, I might try and put in some of the little diamond shapes from the magenta scarf too. We'll see though. I'm a bit concerned that it might disrupt the nice wavy effect of the ends.

Btw: the wool is from Fibreworks at Horsham: 2ply/100g/900m /Colour # 15. Their website is l-a-m-e, but it does give contact details.

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Margie said...

Are you doing it doubled or single?
Looks like single in the picture. You ratbag.

Nah go for it it does look nice with the lace. I just don't have that kind of patience.

Actually maybe I should take my own advice for the maple leaf laceweight I keep frogging. I was finding the colours were pooling a lot which I don't really like. If I doubled it then I'd eliminate *that* problem.