Monday, 6 August 2007

deciding what to knit knext.

I was thinking about doing a lengthwise-knit random-stripey Karin/Heidi chunky holey scarf next. I had these three wools in mind in my stash, but when I pulled them out I realised it is just not going to work.

The wool on the left I've decided is just a bit too Barbie colours for me, and doesn't quite match the others.

The one in the middle is my perfect colours - magenta and maroon shades, but not too girly - but it's 2ply, and I can't see that working with the others somehow.

The right-hand yarn is cool and bizzare - it's like a ladder of ribbon filled with (100% synthetic) roving.

Shall I take the ribbon-yarn into Lincraft and try and find some plain coloured wool that I can alternate with it? I could, but I'd kind of like another funky wool to alternate, as well as the plain, and the city shops have such lame wool these days.

What am I going to do with the lovely middle wool? I don't think I'll ever knit socks, and what else am I to do with it? Maybe a really skinny really long tube scarf for Summer? Maybe in some cool holey lacey pattern? Is that possible?

And the one on the left...well... I think it's just going to have to live in the stash for a while, until I find something un-Barbie-fy-ing to pair it with.

Maybe they'll all have to go back into the stash for a while... Maybe I will knit another Branching Out for my Ma like I've been promising myself for so long. It's just going to require some talking into, because it's certainly not what you'd call a relaxing knit. And I'd have to stop being indecisive and actually pick a colour. Or maybe I'll order some Manos del Uruguay and knit another So-Called scarf. (My Ma will need a replacement for when I take mine to Europe). That would also require some talking into, because that wool, it's not what you'd call cheap.

Decisions, decisions.


Margie said...

I got 10 rows in to my skinny scarf and got frustrated by the tiny needles using 1 ply yarn.
three attempts later it's frogged and sitting in the stash.
But I was thinking about doubling or tripling it and it would still be delicate. Maybe you could do that?

And btw, if you need to borrow my swift and winder you're most welcome. :)

m∃ said...

Thanks! I actually quite like doing it by hand, but that day when Heidi showed you how to use it was really fun. I'm glad you're back in the neighbourhood - maybe we can have knitting tea parties. I'll bring the cucumber sandwiches.

Really? If it bugged you, I'll probably find it impossible. Shame, I was just warming to the idea. Was it hard or just irritating? Maybe we can have a chat about it sometime, because now I've pulled this wool out again, I really want to use it!