Tuesday, 14 August 2007


I'm a little worried The Bill might be heading towards another big character shake-up. They've recently changed the title credits - not the music, just the pictures - and they've taken out any recognisable people shots.

I finally tracked down the Bead Hive only to find a big sign saying it's moving again. It's shifting back to Pulteney St. It'll be next to Ikeguchi.

I tried Sarah's on Leigh St again - no better I'm afraid. I had the $12 lunch salad, and it had too many ingredients, each with something different and fancy done to it. The end result was that it was too oily, and it felt like the chef couldn't see the forest for the trees. Sorry Sarah, but two strikes and you're out.

I realised last week why I've been SO cold at night: my bedroom window has been open. It's been banging away for years and I never thought to check it, I just thought it was the house 'settling'. What an idiot.

I noticed last week that my favourite honey icecream (you know, the one that used to come in a big salami-like packaging 20 years ago) is Golden North. This means you can't get it in Melbourne, let alone France. Quel dommage!

I finally understood a segment of the SBS French news. A story about Philippino prison exercises. Yes really. The YouTube video is here - absolutely hilarious.

And one more video: this guy was on Letterman playing music with rollerblades and water filled bottles. It's awesome.

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