Thursday, 26 July 2007

talking out of

To skinny jeans or not to skinny jeans?

It is a complex problem; to wit, it is twofold:

1. I have been endowed with a derriere of reasonable largess, unhappily augmented by my love of milky taro tea, raspberry weiss bars, and broadly, icecream.

2. Although I'm not usually one to mindlessly follow trends, these skinny jeans have been around for a while now, and I'm beginning to feel positively frumpy in my fcuk bootcuts (which, by the way, continue to develop holes in unmentionable places).

Now I appreciate the sentiment that "fat bottomed girls make the rockin' world go 'round", but to start with, Freddie Mercury was gay, so can he really be considered the authority on this particular topic? Secondly, what if he's right, but the skinny jeans emphasise the negative rather than the positive, and I accidentally make the rockin' world spin the wrong way? Or could I affect the tides with my somewhat full moon? I'm not sure I'm ready to be responsible for these kinds of disasters.

The problems of our time, yes, they are large indeed.

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Hannah said...

I say to skinny jeans! But persistence is key. I thought they looked ridiculous on me for the longest time, then found some nice ones that don't completely strangle my ankles -- I can pretend they're "straight leg" when I'm feeling anti-trend!