Wednesday, 25 July 2007

seriously considering buying a camera that focusses properly.

Proceeds of the weekend jaunt to Melbourne:

Melbourne or New York? Purple lit trees on Collins St.

Street Art/Graffito.

One of these things is not like the others... pink birds, Collins St.

My camera has inbuilt sparklers!

Handmaking Langzhou noodles, Noodle Kindom, Russell St.

$15 Cafe Vue Lunch Box. Value ticks for quality and presentation, if not quantity.


Molly said...

How did you like the Langzhou noodles, Em? Better than driving all the way to Box Hill! What's Cafe Vue like? I've never heard of it?

m∃ said...

Langzhou noodles good - WAY better than trekking out to Box Hill. They kind of stuffed up our order, but since we'd ordered too much it wasn't really a problem. I had the langzhou noodle soup. The noodles are win hands down, but I still like the dumpling noodle soup from Mandarin House better (whatever Erin says) because, well, it has dumplings.

Cafe Vue is attached to Vue de Monde and is on Little Collins St. It's unsurprisingly quite smart, and lots of stuff on the menu looked good, and surprisingly cheap. Ish. We went for the 'lunchbox' which was the most expensive thing on the menu at $15, and is filled with different things each day. I guess it's the takeaway French version of Yu'u. It was beautifully presented, although the packaging would make environmentalists cry. Most of what was in ours was lovely, though I'm not sure I'm totally down with cold risotto... Other stuff looked good - wagyu pastrami rolls I remember, and cute little cupcakes. I had an extrememly nice cup of tea, and Tom had an extremely nice hot chocolate. The downside would be that you don't appear to get much for your money - it's quality not quantity, so it would be better for a 'light' lunch or afternoon tea maybe, not when you're starving.

I've just read they make their own verbena lemonade, which sounds awesome, and I noticed on the menu they had $14 dollar 'best in the world' juices, which I'm kind of tempted to try. When I'm feeling rich.

It's only open Mon-Fri for lunch though Molly, so you'll have to take a day off to try it. They have cocktail nights, but they're a bit more pricy...

Molly said...

Ahh, now that I read this, I do remember Dave talking about Cafe Vue (he used to live on Collins). I would love to try the lunchbox! It sounds like such a fun, tasty, interesting meal. And I think you have to take quality over quantity sometimes... we can't eat at Camy's and Sophia forever :-P Maybe I could have a super long lunch break sometime. Hmm... :-)

m∃ said...

Well, if you're taking a day off for it, I'd privilige Yu'u over Vue. It's nice, but Yu'u has the atmosphere as well...