Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Look what the postman just delivered! My final secret pal parcel, and much sooner than I'd expected. I opened it straight up, and look at all the wonderful goodies!

From top left:
  • 3 colour mix yarn (grey, pink, pale blue)
  • Make Make variegated raspberry yarn
  • Sublime merino/angora yarn (SO soft)
  • Singapore postcards
  • 60cm/5mm bamboo circ
  • Yellow drawstring bag with embroidered fish
  • Christmas Card and note
  • Monokuro boo pig charm
  • teeny scissors (hee!)
  • Cola and lemon gummy lollies (the wavy pack)
  • little white and dark chocolate puddings (the happy pack)
  • Melon Soda Hi-Chews
  • Apple gummies
  • Pucca pudding biscuit/chocolates (these smell just like Sticky Date pudding I swear!)
I'm such a lucky girl! It's all gorgeous, but I'm particularly excited by the beautful yarns, especially the Sublime which is so soft, and such a pretty colour (the photo left is more accurate). I think my knitting mojo may well be back with materials like these. =)

I also went (a little too?) nuts over this new flavour of Hi-Chews that I've never seen before. The range here is quite limited, so when I was in Japan I made a point of buying every flavour I found, but these are still new to me. They're a bit different from the usual ones because they have little crunchy bits in them. Excellent!

Thanks so much Ayumi, this has been a great swap for me - thanks for being such an excellent pal, and for sending me such awesome goodies!

PS. Ayumi's websites are here and here.

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