Monday, 31 December 2007

reviewing last year's resolutions.

2007 Resolutions
  1. Learn how to drive a manual. 0% achieved.
  2. Run. 70% achieved via this.
  3. Learn another language. 30% (as much as is realistic in one year).
  4. Remember people's birthdays. 60% (getting better).
  5. Become a morning person (get up when the alarm goes off). 0% achieved.
  6. Start a blog. 80% achieved. (Room for improvement though).
  7. Use my passport. 95% achieved. (0% technically, but close enough).
  8. Stop chewing my lip. 0% achieved.
  9. Take more photos (and put them in an album). 10% achieved.
  10. Be less judgemental. 15% achieved. Getting better slowly.
  11. Read new books, not reread old ones. 95% achieved.
  12. Learn to crochet from Nanna. 0% achieved. Hopefully before I go.
  13. Start/join a band. 0% achieved.
  14. Give blood regularly. 0% achieved.
  15. Start another degree or get a more fulfilling job. 5% achieved.
Average = 30% success rate. Not bad considering it's unweighted. 2007 has not been a resoundingly successful year for me, but some important steps have been made, and there's enough to be going on with. Tick.


Elizabeth said...

Dear Emily
I like your blog.This is only the second time I have written this to a complete stranger! I 'teach' goal setting to women, ex-offenders. Some feedback on your 2007 resolutions:

They were fine intentions, but too many.
It takes 6-8 weeks to change habits.Factor this in.
So write fewer goals, with targets & dates, and then New Year is not so daunting & end of year will have no shame.
I found you because I googled cake and Stephanie Alexander in one G breath. Let me know if you want her Molly Cake recipe. ( You want it!)
Best wishes, & don't jump. Tread water & enjoy the view .

m∃ said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I think you're only my second stranger posting so there you go! I'm glad you like the blog!

Thanks for recommending the Molly cake - I've just looked it up and I have it in the big stripey book, so I'll definitely try that sometime. It sounds delicious!

Thanks for your advice re my resolutions. I'm sure you're right to recommend setting fewer and more achievable goals, but last year I went by the 'aim for the moon and you'll reach the stars at least' and I think it worked out ok. I didn't mean to sound dissatisfied - even though proportionatly my success rate looks bad, I'm actually quite happy with how much I managed overall.

In any case, I only have one resolution this year, partly because it's a biggie, but partly that there's a few changes afoot (stay tuned!) so I'm going to be doing a lot of growing (I hope) without having to set myself any more challenges.