Thursday, 17 July 2008

going a little crazy at Woolworth.

Back row: Fruity smarties, Ruppaner Hecker Dunkel Beer, Bodensee Obstler Schnapps, Capsicum Chips, Africola, Lichee Bionade, Bloodorange and Pink Grapfruit ACE juice.

Lying down (clockwise): Rittersport Yoghurt chocolate, Wunderbar, Nussini bar, lemon yoghurt Mentos, Mr Tom Nutbar, Duplo bar, Lime Yogurette.

Fruity Smarties: Are Haribo and Nestle part of the same company? I don't care, because HELLO! these are so good. They're smartie shell on the outside, and gummibear on the insite (no chocolate). I dont normally like gummibears, but these are so fruity and sweet Iam totally converted: banana, peach, orange, apple, strawberry, grape, lemon. One can have too many, however...

Beer: coming soon.

Schnapps: coming soon.

Capsicum chips: So apparently the germans have two chip flavours - paprika,and everything else. These taste just like bbq. Yum.

Afri cola: Schweppes cola in a cooler bottle.

Bionade: Flavoured mineral water. My friend likes this a lot, but although I found it refreshing, to me it was too bland and sickly sweet all at once.

ACE juice: Excellent. A beautiful bright red colour, just like normal ace juice, only with a slight grapefruity tang extra.

Rittersport Yoghurt: Jeez, I dont know what it is, but the Germans, they like their things yoghurt flavoured. I even saw yoghurt flavoured deoderant! This one unforunatelz is not so good - like slightly tangy top deck. A bit sickly.

Wunderbar: Just like a snickers only more creamy and less crunchy. Advertised as peanutbutter/caramel - crunch given by rice bubbles.

Nussini: Layers of nutella and wafer. La-me.

Lemon Yoghurt Mentos: flavour of the year! Pretty much just like regular lemon only they're white and not so tangy. Ok.

Mr Tom Nutbar: Peanut brittle. Wha-ever.

Duplo bar: Chocolate wafer. La-me.

Yogurette: tied for favourite with the gummi smarties. Yum-o. Chocolate coated, roses-texture filling with the flavour of lemon-gelati. Can't wait to try the strawberry one. (Later: tried the strawberry - not so good. The lime was better).

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