Monday, 28 July 2008

doing the supermarket trip in Sveeden.

From left, clockwise:
Sota; Salta; Plopp; Japp; Polly; Lakerol; Skotte; Brejk; Extra

Sota: 3 flavours of little bears (red, green & yellow), quite tasty but with a texture like old snakes - a bit too crumbly

Salta: Little licorice pellets in what is presumably a cat shape. Not as bad as most licorice.

Plopp: Interesting name. Caramel filled chocolate like a caramelo Koala in square form. Tastes very artificial though, and oddly like something you'd buy at the show.

Japp: Budget Mars bar

Polly: 'With a taste of chocolate, arrak, buttertoffee and vanilla'. Oh man, this one is nasty. It tastes like chocolate coated melting plastic. Apparently arrak is some kind of liqour - not one I want to try now.

Lakerol: Orange flavoured little lollies - like hard tiny wine gums. With real fruit juice! But sugar free, somehow...

Scotte: Chocolate bar with chocolate truffle filling and fruit & nuts. Quite nice but a bit sickly.

Brejk: chocolate, wafer, rice bubbles caramel. Not bad but not rocking my world either.

Extra: Extra seems to be doing a good job of making these drops in a 'local' flavour in every country I've been to. This is not my favourite. I suppose the licorice and rasberry flavours go together ok, but as someone who doesn't like licorice much, let alone artificial licorice flavoured things, this seems like a bit of a waste of good raspberry flavour. Nb. I also found cactus & raspberry, and pear later. The pear is amazing and I stocked up.

Jaffa drink: carbonated, tastes just like the OJ iceblocks you could get in the 80s.

Puck: Oh, these crazy Nords, everything in licorice. Who else would think to make a vanilla icecream, with gooey licorice blobs, covered in salty licorice flavoured chocolate? I should make it clear here that I usually don't like licorice much, although I do sometimes like aniseed flavoured things - fennel for example is one of my favourite veggies. So once I got past the weirdness of there being salty in my icecream, this was pretty good! I think this is one combo where the sweet/salty thing pays off - they kind of balance each other out, and it's quite refreshing.

I also tried pickled herring - well, I had to really, didn't I. It appeared at the breakfast buffet. The sharpness of the vinegar sets of the rotten fish flavour quite nicely actually - if you like the flavour of rotten fish. Which I happen not to. I had to quarantine the neighbouring scrambled egg in the end.

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Amanda said...

I was sent dragonfruit flavoured Extra from Sweden, and they were quite good. Plopp made me giggle like an 8 year old the first time I saw it. Prime example of language not translating.