Friday, 9 May 2008

wanting things she can't have.

Want #1:

Want #2:

Does someone want to tell me where all the cool shopping is in Paris? It's eluding me so far.


eledhwen-20 said...

Oh dear god that suity ensemble is GORGEOUS. And exactly the kind of thing I couldn't pull off with my less than slender proportions.

As far as Paris shopping is concerned, I found an article (which I shall send you) on a couple of fascinating little shops you should browse if you're brave enough to pretend you're a très posh person who spends her spare hours bathing in ruby-studded honey-milk. :)

- Adie xx

m∃ said...

Yeah, I want want want that coat. But even though I *might* fork out for it in a shop (have been looking for the perfect black coat for forever), i'm not willing to send away for it, especially seeing as it's non returnable since it's on sale. Well...I will save the picture, and maybe one day I will be rich enough to get someone to make it for me.

That article would be excellent! Thanks a lot! Yes...I can pretend...and dream...

Nick said...

I noticed a lot of overpriced shops on Rue St Honore (particularly near Rue Royale) when I was shopping for a gift for Kim's birthday. Very nice, and they didn't even look down on me too much when I walked through them wearing a tshirt and jeans!

You'd need to either have, or pretend to have, a lot of spare money though.

m∃ said...

Oh sorry, perhaps I should've specified cheap, *affordable* shopping! I've already found the overpriced shops...they're everywhere!