Thursday, 8 May 2008

experiencing a migraine, and still procrastinating.

Things from recently:

I accidentally left my footer in an email to work, meaning that there's every chance that they will find this blog. Duh. Hi work people! Don't worry, there's nothing incriminating here, no reasons to dooce's just a story about a life about nothing...

Today I went for a run in the local park. It's a big park by Parisien standards. But it turns out that big by Parisien standards is not big by Australian standards. At all. And because there are not so many 'big' parks in Paris, going there for a run felt like merging onto a freeway.

There is a shop at the end of my street that sells nothing but chandeliers. That should tell you everything you need to know about my neighbourhood.

There is apparently a shop here that sells Coopers.

Update: after a massive trek, the shop that sells Coopers is 'exceptionally closed'. Except that 'exceptional' seems to = 'frequent' here. It's rather annoying.

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