Wednesday, 10 September 2008

coping better now she has internet again.

Right. So I've been internetless for the past couple of weeks, and before that I was very lazy about actually writing something about my sporadic 3 weeks in London/Oxford/Stratford/Paris. So in an attempt to catch myself up I'm listing everything that I can remember that I've done, and I'll actually write about it all hopefully at some point when I have time.


When at Gus':
  • Portobello Road Markets
  • Walked through Hyde Park from Oxford St
  • Italian dinner with Gus

At Nhan's:
  • Chachamoon cheapo Asian dinner with Nhan & Sim, bar afterwards
  • Visit to Shoreditch for painting, magic sparkly cupcake
  • Day at Grenwich: through tunnel under the Thames, cool coffee shop/record shop, danced on the Meridian, John Harrison's Clock (tiny compared to earlier attempts - like a big fob watch), laksa in chinatown
  • Crazy broth making with Nhan
  • Walk with Emma through oxford circus, leicester square, the river, westminter abbey, coffee
  • Coffee with Sarah, visit to Harrods, laduree macarons and Maison du chocolat freebies, wandered kensington, asian dinner
  • Noel Coward show with jonny and emma ('brief encounter')
  • Indian dinner with Gus
  • Primark experience with Nhan
  • More broth with Nhan (sour cabbage soup), ice/coffee
  • Big day: Camden markets (gumboots), burrough markets (wild boar sausage sandwich, fancy coffee, lovely gelati [bergamot and something pink]), columbia road again, spittlefields markets (closed), bricklane for overpriced indian meal and desserts, Sim's house for sex & the city dvd with Jac.
  • Colunbia rd again - finally bought print. Peche mignon again (yum), notting hill with school friends - gail's for coffee and flocked wallpaper. Lamb shish kebab and delicious grilled haloumi for dinner, gok wam on telly
  • Walked from notting hill to nelson's column for dinner with emily from primary school - wahaca mehican, and south african cider
  • Merry Wives of Windsor, queeen's walk, big ben.
To Edinburgh (previously covered).

Back to London:
  • Catch up with school friends - more yummy mexican.
  • Tate Modern
  • Brunch with alice - fancy yummy
  • Catch up Sarah again

With mum
  • Peche mignon for lunch
  • Big walk: london bridge tube, burrough markets (closed), globe tickets, tate modern 5th floor iew, blackfriars bridge, st brides fleet st (publishing exhibition basement and roman walls), the strand (crazy monument with dragon, royal courts of justice, fancy bank), st pauls
To Oxford:
  • wandered around the high st
  • museum of natural history
  • lunch with J&E at the vault, & coffee at the place
  • history of science museum (eintein's blackboard)
  • magdalen college
  • exeter colege
  • beer at the tarp
  • dinner at the eagle and child

Daytrip to Stratford-upon-Avon:
  • coffee with sarah
  • holy trinity church (shakespeae'res burial)
  • river walk
  • lunch @ courtyard
  • shakespeare's birthplace house
  • more fancy cheese from the nice place
  • high street
  • new coat
  • drink at the dirty duck (actors' photos)
Back to Oxford:
  • Blackwells bookshop
  • Bodleian tour
  • Lunch J&E in covered markets (salad)
  • Coffee
  • Blenheim Palace (marlboroughs, spencer-churchills), fancy gardens
Back to London:
  • Tower of London (crown jewels, murdered princes)
  • Westminster Abbey service (Victoria piece)
  • South bank, dinner wagammama
  • Portobello Rd markets (shut), new shoes, notting hill
  • Globe - Merry wives again - got to stand in the middle
  • Nhan - chachamoon cheapo asian
  • Carnaby st, liberty shop, apple shop, dad's shoes
  • Kew Gardens
  • Buckinham palace tour, banquet setting, royal icecream
  • walk to big ben, downing st, nelson's column, whitehall, oxford st, new suitcase
To Paris:
  • Big walk around Marais, Notre Dame, the islands
  • Met Sasha: hotel de ville, pain au chocolat et banane, walk around islands (little pointy garden), falafel lunch, walk to les halles, st eustache, rue montorgeuil, past the louvre, up champs elysees, laduree macarons, past arc de triomph, through my old neighbourhood, strawberries, noisette, tube home. Picnic dinner with french 5 part dessert: 2 cheeses, bonne maman yoghurt, chestnut mousse, chocolate, nuts.
  • corned beef sandwiches from the place opposite L'as du falafel, bought magic shoes, did this massive walk from Sacre Coeur down to the Mosque for mint tea, via Montmartre, a lovely lolly shop, cute arcades (one just for old stamps and postcards), the Palais Royale gardens, the Louvre courtyard, the pont des ARts, the Institute Francaise, teh 6th, a 2nd century amphitheatre (with men playing boules).
  • Champs Elysees, dealt with bank (hurrah!), my old neighbourhood, went to resto on near Courcelles (good potato gratin), sat down for Marriage Freres cup of tea. I had white tea with agrumes in a pretty glass teapot and an extra pot for hot water. Went home early as I was coming down with a cold.
  • Louvre, then the Bon Marche, Mamie Gateau for cake and Cuisine de Bar for lunch. Still sick.
  • Went to Versailles - a billion tourists. Opulent inside, nicer gardesn. Quick trip to Musee d'Orsay.
  • Orangerie, Amorino gelati, Berthillon sorbet (2x), antique musical instruments shop (rue du pont louis-phillipe), Sainte-Chapelle, more falafel, Notre Dame treasury, picnic in Champs de Mars (proper champagne) and blue Eiffel tower.

Caught up. Sorry it's a bit pants. Something with actual content coming soon. I hope.

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