Thursday, 19 June 2008

promising to post again soon, with less whinging. Interesting times are afoot.

This week I:
  • Took French classes at the Sorbonne (written and phoenetic)
  • Did some career testing (I'm an INFP if anyone cares)
  • Went on the Bateau Mouche
  • Caught up with Rosie
  • Understood what was going on when a Frenchman tried to pick Rosie up ('I don't like the football, but I do like the women!'...ok, it works better in French)
  • Had some good Lebanese food
  • Tried Pastis
  • Discovered the charmingly (original) 70s bar next door
  • Went to a Melies film screening
  • Caught up with Jim
  • Went to an afternoon tea in the suburbs
  • Made friends with Shawn the American
  • Sat on a hill and knitted
  • Watched The Castle
  • Had chestnut mousse
  • Made friends with Cass
  • Had a cup of tea at the Laduree
  • Bought some makeup at Sephora
  • Bought an Architecture in Helsinki cd at FNAC
  • Tried the new Hermes perfume (ooh! grapefruity!) and one called 'First' which I liked better but comes in an ugly bottle.
  • Walked in a garden on an old train line
  • Went to the Paris hammam
  • Bought a new handbag
  • Finished my classes
  • Gave notice
  • Started planning

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Molly said...

Ooh ooh! I'm an ENFP! This means we can be friends! And also that I really shouldn't be a scientist. Anyhow...