Wednesday, 30 April 2008

in a hurry to sleep.

Like a yoyo it is - I'm feeling a bit better today.

I had two great classes today - great because I really liked both of my students, and I really feel like I can help them, and that it will make a big difference in their lives if I do a good job. I think it is going to require a LOT of preparation, but it's nice to be doing something meaningful. My favourite student so far has a good level of English but he's so incredibly unconfident (is that even a word? I can't tell anymore...) that he can barely get the words out. He's a lovely man and I just wanted to give him a big hug and tell him it will be ok, that he's really good, that he just needs to have some faith in himself. He's such an interesting person that I really enjoyed talking to him, and I left the lesson feeling great, because in my hurculean effort to radiate calm and confidence for him, I ended up feeling supremely zen myself. Not a bad fringe benefit really.

The bad news is I've managed to lose my debit card. Sheet sheet sheet sheet double sheet.

But it's ok because la-la-la I'm no thinking about it because this weekend I'm going to Madrid.

Yes, Madrid in Spain. Yet another WHOLE NOTHER COUNTRY. I hope they stamp my passport this time.


Elsie said...

Thanks for keeping me entertained with your updates :) Glad to hear some of your classes are going well! Have fun in Madrid! Yay for so many countries close together :)

Elsie said...

Hey, I just had an idea (possibly you've already thought of it and its not that amazing) but why don't you ask your advanced class what THEY would like to learn with you? If you don't have some syllabus that you are following, they are obviously in the class for a reason, and maybe if you find out what that reason is you'll find it easier to figure out what to do in their classes?