Monday, 19 November 2007

not the one with the green thumb or the tech head around here.

Someone in my house grew this - holy mackerel it's ay-mazing! The cactus itself is about as tall as my shin, and the flower is as large as my palm.

The last cactus I ever grew literally snapped in half - the top half fell off and yet someone else managed to resurrect it.

Unfortunately, you can't appreciate it in all its glory, because my mac refuses to save the re-orientation of any photo, but reverts to whatever the camera took it as. Usually I email my photos to work, re-orient and save them and then email them back again. But today I just can't be bothered.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Because seriously, my little white friend here is cruising for a bruising and, if I don't figure it out, will be more cactus than this picture.


Hannah said...

Hey Em. If you're on a mac, this is what I would do. Open the photo in Preview or whatever, flip it round until it's right way up, take a screen shot of the photo (apple-shift-4) and then save that. Hope that works. Gorgeous flower! Does it smell pretty as well?

m∃ said...

Oh sneaky Miss Hannah! Screen shot of course! Didn't think of that. Will promptly try it.

No, it doesn't smell at all. =(