Wednesday, 3 October 2007

in need of a new book. Suggestions?

'Almost French' by Sarah Turnbull is pretty much what you'd expect - an account of its Australian author's move to Paris. It's good I guess. There's funny anecdotes, but not laugh-out-loud funny, there's moving moments, but not cry-into-your-darjeeling moving.

I, as February draws nearer and nearer found it quite useful (I think). Now I know that they have special butchers for horsemeat (*avoid*), I shouldn't expect to make any French female friends (too competitive), and that baking your own cakes is considered cheap.

Unless you're moving to France sometime soon, I wouldn't rush out and buy this one. But if you happen to find it on your coffee table, by all means read it - you'll probably quite enjoy it. Meanwhile, I'm off to strike all colour from my wardrobe in order to blend in with Parisian chic.

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Molly said...

Hey Em!
Have you read The Poisonwood Bible? Sister of my heart? Brother of the more famous Jack or other Barbara Trapido novels?
Let me know if you've read all of those and I'll think of more suggestions. And I can always call in the help of the family librarian :o)